Saturday, October 25, 2008

Amazing Day

Oh wow yesterday was amazing lol...i went to work it was a little boring but towards the end it was pizza at work...stayed to Carlos birthday recital that was really kewl...Carlos is an amazing guitarist...afterward ate a little afterward...and Avery, Dawn and I decided to walk and talk we ended up past Bowery went to Two Boots to eat..time flew next thing we knew it was after 12 we sang happy birthday to Avery the restaurant joined two guys asked if Avery wanted beer since he was 21 chatted with them as they were leaving just about the beer lol...and then next thing you know it was 2 am and we were still in the the restaurant we got into some amazing discussions...about church, and action, and was amazing encouraging and needed i feel all young people need to have these sort of things working for them...we came to the conclusion that we need to just do it and stop talking about it and we need to ask God to work in we left and ran into the two guys Chris and Wesley.....and got into great conversation...about faith, church, the Bible, upbringing, politics next thing you know its after 4 so we exchanged myspace and numbers and started to make our way to the train station...but yea last night or should i say early this morning was quite a day and God is so Awesome revealing the very thing that we were discussing and showing us how action works...amazing...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Amazing Day

Today was definitely an amazing and encouraging day...and i have made the decision to be an Interdisciplinary Studies Major...SO now Youth Ministry and Music!!!!I'm so excited and little anxious at the same time...and today was encouraging because Nickeshia said something to me i never imagined anyone would say to me she said that my paper for Notley sounded like the beginning of a sermon...and that was just so encouraging because God's preparing me for Ministry is becoming evident in small ways and its just like in a nutshell this was my day...much encouragement God is So Awesome Everyday He is showing me this

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Oh sweet rest after days and days and countless hours of writing papers although i enjoy thinking and writing papers I'm so glad i have a day to rest to really rest to be disconnected from work to recharge my batteries to maybe do some reflection or maybe just sleep who knows although my mind wanders a little to what will be done today because its so awkward to not do anything for once

Monday, October 20, 2008


So i finally just finished that paper due later on today although i just remembered i have to do the presentation piece i think im going to just attempt it before class although i need to read for the know i really have no idea...the peace i finally just received is in danger of being undone...ok sigh im gonna piece together the seminar piece right now...wish me luck i would like to get it done before 2:30

Friday, October 17, 2008

SOme Peace

God is so Faithful!!! I got both papers done for tomorrow's class, i just have another project due for Monday which i hope and pay to get done in good time and with the least amount of stress possible...I'm pretty tired...and the plan now is to stay up a little while and then take a little nap...oh wait wow i just looked at the clock and its after 9 i didn't i don't have to take a nap i can go straight to sleep soon...yay!!! so i worked and did my paper during work and then got it corrected and chatted with friends so that was mostly my day...

Papers papers papers still

SO i just got in not too long ago....i got frustrated a little this morning because i just wanted to continue on with my paper but time was flying by so that sucked...i got one of them done...and after school at around 10 Me,Manny,Dawn and Antonio got something to eat on Astor Place that was really kewl..i had the most amazing turkey burger it was so tender and juicy still till this morning i cant even say it was trying to work on my assignment but i don't think I'm going to finish it "tonight" I'm pretty tired but if i can get it flowing again that would help a that was pretty much my day...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Papers papers papers

SO today was spent in front of the screen of my notebook writing a paper which i thought i had finished but turns out there were some additional things the assignment wanted me to talk about so its not finished and what sucks is that i will probably have only 4 hours to work on it because i have class tomorrow which is actually going to be in the library although my professor wont be in and its a training about using journals so perhaps i wont have to stay for the whole 3 hours but I'm not making any i was a little no a lot disappointed that i thought i was finished when in fact i am not and now i have to find a way to fit those other pieces into that paper on top of that i have to write another paper for that class which is going to be another struggle so i don't know I'm just hoping and praying that it will all work out on top of that i have another paper due on Monday these two papers i just spoke of are due on Saturday and Friday i work from 10-6 so I'm really praying that i get a big chunk of it done and that i can see a writing tutor about these that i wouldn't feel all like awkward about...because Dawn has a boat load of work on her plate and its not right that i burden her with my assignments because I'm her friend and i care about her yea that was mostly my day...I'm tired I'm exhausted...the past 3 weeks i have worked on over 10 papers...and i hope that perhaps next Saturday i can catch up on some good wonderful sleep to be refreshed for the next week Lord Willing..

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Birthday Yay!!!

SO yea today (yesterday the 14th) is my birthday and im 24! I feel no different from when i was a that im not as dumb as teenagers these thats not a completely random thing its actually scientifically true....anyways i spent the day doing homework and conversating with my great friends...i received some gifts but the greatest of them all was just genuine love...genuine friendship...and yea the mob of believers gathered together...School is going well lots and lots of papers though but i enjoy them although at times i feel like melting with the overwhelmingness....i havent written in a while on here...i havent prayed in a while...and i havent journaled...i want to but i dont know why i havent....could be busyness, tiredness and just having such a group of spiritual people around me but i hope to remedy those others things without losing what i have been blessed with...and uhhh i seriously intend to write more...i know empty sayings...but for real perhaps that will be the again the first thing i do when i get on my yea talk to you later....