Wednesday, January 13, 2010


For the past couple of hours I've been praying regarding those in Haiti, those of Haitian decent and for various friends and family members. While tweeting my own posts and retweeting posts regarding relief efforts in Haiti. As with all footagebof devastation it's all very graphic seeing bodies strewn all over the place. What I thought of this morning before the sun rose was how unfortunately grieving is not something I'm all that good with especially at the expense of others. For example my sister watched the issue of ballon boy before the truth coming out of being a host and cried at every moment touched deeply by this situation. And one of my friends tweeted lastnight about how she lay in her bed with her three year old daughter crying for the sake of the mothers in Haiti who've lost their children. Now myself on the other hand just thought of the devastation and prayed for help, peace rescue and comfort as well as salvation and God showing Himself strong all through that situation. But another thought came to mind still along the lines of my reaction to it all wondering how I was still going on with my various duties and how come I couldn't be like those in the Bible who covered themselves in sack cloth and ash duting times of devastation or some of other form of clothing calling upon the Name of the Lord. My only reaction has been while rememberig my blessings to be moved to pray for those in devastation.
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