Wednesday, January 27, 2010


This evening I started to think of the importance of stories in the lives of humanity Aka humans. Stories are so important to our lives and our living whether they are told in written fiction, oral tradition, stories of what happened in the lives of very close ancestors as far as family tree. Stories are also important in our relationships with others. When we are in the midst of family we might share a story from the day like a great event that happened that day or maybe if one is bragging they might fabricate or fudge up the story alot to make themselves appear the hero or even the villian. I think when a person loses their interest in sharing the story of their yesterdays, todays or tomorrows they lose a huge portion of their joy. I don't know if this is really making much sense. I'm just trying to say that story telling and story sharing is a pivotal part of our lives and when someone loses that desire they are in danger of just merely existing. I think everything can be told or shared from our eating and sleeping to our going and rising and can serve as a part of our act of worship.

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